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Quickly return to the activities you love with our individualized 3d printed heel cup insoles.

We have helped thousands of children and adults to quickly regain their ability to walk and run and enjoying life and adventures again.

Our team of physiotherapists, orthopedic technicians, 3d engineers and web-developers have developed a process so that you can order, comfortable individualized heel cup insoles of high accuracy that gives your feet the support it needs, directly from your home, today.

How to walk and run again

Pre-delivery plan

  1. Register (länk till shopen för beställning och info-access)
  2. Equipment and preparation
  3. Take photos
  4. Ordering

Post-delivery plan

  1. Recieving and using
  2. Follow up with our team
  3. Celebrate the success

1. Register and follow our plan below

After the registration you will be able to see further instruction below on this web page, follow our plan and get a perfectly matched, comfortable pair of insoles delivered directly to you so that you can get back on track again.

Step 2 and following will be visible after registration. 

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